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The following products are now stocked in our facility



The electronic key cutting machine with one cutting station and two interchangeable clamps for duplicating and originating all types of automotive keys, including heavy trucks and motorcycles. Additional keys used for gas cap locks, glove boxes and roof racks are also included in the database.

  • User friendly software with step-by-step instructions
  • Fast key search – simply enter Make/Model/Year and the software guides you through the process
  • The color-changing LED lights help the operator to immediately see the process status
  • Wi-Fi link between machine and tablet or the user can tether the tablet directly to the machine
  • Equipped with two USB ports on the back of the machine
  • Step-by-step instructions for updating machine software
  • Software Interface with Instacode® and Kreate-AKey™
Jovan#: 301-175   BK0497XXXX   FUTURA AUTO Electronic Key Cutting Machine


AutoSmart Book Set 2019

  • Completely re-designed the books for a whole new look that combines the features of AutoSmart and the Transponder books
  • Updated with the car models and info through 2019. Audi, BMW, Volkswagen sections greatly expanded. Acura, Honda, Hyundai, KIA, Subaru & Toyota sections also expanded
  • Hundreds of pictures of Remotes, Remote Head Keys, Proximity Fobs and Keyblanks added to really give you the full picture of what you are dealing with
  • Now even easier to use. Look up the car in the table of contents for that manufacturer and go directly to that section, much faster!
  • Hard plastic covers add to the durability and lifespan of the books
Jovan#: 311-090   AS2019SET   AutoSmart Book Set 2019, Foreign & Domestic Books


Smart Home Controller: Wireless Gateway

  • Support Z-Wave, Wi-Fi & GSM, fully compatible with most Z-Wave devices in the market
  • Built-in SIM card slot, self monitoring with cellular
  • Backup battery for dual protection
  • Support remote control by App
Jovan#: 417-820   Part#: HA-GW1   Smart Home Controller - Wireless Gateway


Z-Wave Multi-colour Smart Bulb

  • Z-Wave plus
  • Up to 16 million colours, colour calibration
  • Tunable white colour from 2700K to 6500K
  • Support Group Control & Remote Control
  • Timer function, control bulb on/off by schedule
  • RF distance up to 40m
  • Wireless signal repeater
Jovan#: 417-825   Part#: HA-ZW-5AQG   Wireless Multi-color Smart Bulb


Z-Wave Siren/Door Chime

  • Z-Wave Plus Certified
  • Up to 150ft range
  • Three-Year Battery Life
  • Low Battery Indication
  • 80 dB Audible Alarm
  • Visual indicator with built-in LED ring
  • Work as secondary Chime
  • Customizable notifications and volume levels
Jovan#: 417-823   Part#: HA-SIREN   Siren/Door Chime


Z-Wave Smart Home Smart Plug

  • Z-Wave plus, AC output on/off by manual or remote control by APP
  • Power on/off any device connecting to smart plug manually or by APP
  • Power consumption measurement
  • Turn on and off device by schedule
  • Z-Wave Wireless signal repeater
Jovan#: 417-830   Part#: HA-ZW-5PAB   Smart Home Smart Plug


Z-Wave Smart Home 4-In-1 Motion Sensor

  • 4-in-1, Motion/Light/Temperature/Humidity
  • Z-Wave plus, App remote control
  • Detective range:10m x 6m, cover angle: 110°
  • Powered by a CR123A battery or through USB
  • Low battery alarm notification
  • Wall mount and indoor use only
  • Wireless signal repeater
Jovan#: 417-835   Part#: HA-ZW-5SABC   Smart Home 4-In-1 Motion Sensor


Z-Wave Smart Home Door/Window Sensor

  • Wireless Door/Window Sensor
  • Z-Wave plus
  • Anti-tamper, push notification by App when detects force open
  • Powered by a CR2 battery
  • Low battery alarm notification
  • Wireless signal repeater
  • Indoor use only
Jovan#: 417-840   Part#: HA-ZW-5SE   Smart Home Door/Window Sensor


Z-Wave Smart Home Water Leak Sensor

  • Wireless Water Leak Sensor
  • Z-Wave plus
  • Push notification by App when alarm triggered
  • Powered by a CR123A battery
  • Built-in LED indicator and siren for water leak and operating mode
  • Low battery alarm notification
  • Wall mount and indoor use only
  • Wireless signal repeater
Jovan#: 417-845   Part#: HA-ZW-5SF   Smart Home Water Leak Sensor


Z-Wave Smart Home Water Valve

  • Home Automation Water Valve
  • Remotely turn ON/OFF the pipeline by APP
  • Link with Water Leak Sensor, to stop flood automatically
  • Scheduled, water-efficient irrigation
  • Easy installation and setup
  • Z-Wave wireless signal repeater
Jovan#: 417-850   Part#: HA-ZW-GW-WV   Smart Home Water Valve


Z-Wave Garage Door Controller

The Garage Door Remote Controller Accessory opens or closes a sectional garage door remotely through a Z-Wave certified Gateway or Security Panel. Installers only need to 'pair' the unit into the Gateway, mount the unit, connect two wires and plug it in.

  • Range: Up to 100 feet between the wireless controller and/or the closest Z-Wave receiver module
  • Tilt sensor detects door's open/closed status
  • Customizable audio and visual alerts enhance safety
Jovan#: 473-550   Part#: GD00Z-5   LINEAR Z-Wave Garage Door Controller