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ILCO ID48 - The Complete Cloning Solution

Ilco ID48 Complete Cloning Solution consists of the M-Box, M-Snoop, and T48 transponder to provide the only complete cloning solution for Megamos crypto ID48 transponders. The M-Box is compatible with existing Ilco/Silca cloning devices while the unique M-Snoop allows for capture of original key data without the need to cut a new key. The ID48 solution can connect to Wi-Fi via a smartphone or tablet hotspot or use a fixed internet connection. Ilco ID48 brings total cloning capability to approximately 95% of vehicles in North America today.


The Complete Cloning Solution - Presentation - pdf

Connecting M-Box to your device - Video

Connecting M-Box to the Internet via LAN - Video

Connecting M-Box to the Internet via WiFi - Video

ID48 Application Chart - pdf

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