Returned Goods Policy Stock merchandise may be returned within five business days from receipt of shipment. A returned goods authorization number (RGA) is required with a returning package, and is to be authorized by a Jovan Distributors Inc. representative. The outside package must be clearly marked with the return authorization number. No returns will be accepted without a “returned goods authorization number”. Returned merchandise must be in its original packaging, not installed or used, and in saleable condition for full credit to be issued. A 15% minimum restocking fee may apply, and be enforced at Jovan Distributor Inc. discretion. All defective items are subject to the manufacturer’s warranty and can be returned to Jovan Distributors Inc. at customer’s expense. A returned goods number is also required for defective merchandise and is subject to the manufacturer’s inspection and warranty provisions. Leasing Opportunities Jovan Distributors Inc. is pleased to provide you with an opportunity to lease to own the high-end items you may wish to purchase from us. Please contact your Jovan Distributors Inc. Sales Representative for further information on how we can get you the equipment that you require to work with and not break the bank in the process! Any reproduction of this publication in whole or in part is strictly prohibited without the written consent of Jovan Distributors Inc. Copyright © Jovan Distributors Inc. 2019. All rights reserved. Capital Conser vation: Leasing lets a company conserve its working capital; allowing it to allocate cash funds for other purposes. In addition, with a lease, Sales Tax and other taxes are not paid up front at the time an asset is acquired; but are remitted with the monthly payments over the term of the lease. Credit Preser vation: All businesses have access to limited credit lines at their bank. Operating lines, demand loans, mortgages and other credit facilities must be kept within the bank’s total exposure limit for that business. By using a leasing company to finance equipment and machinery acquisitions, a business is effectively opening new credit lines- credit lines which normally require no down-payments and no outside collateral- while preserving a business’ existing (and future) bank borrowing ability. Budget Allocation: Lease terms, payment streams and options can be tailored to meet most budgets. Skip leases, Step-Up or Step-Down payment leases are available to match a business’ seasonal or anticipated cash flows. Flexibility: Our leasing program provides access to the widest range of financing options available today. Total Solution: Businesses can obtain virtually all types of equipment through leasing including computer hardware and software, heavy machinery, industrial equipment, office equipment and transportation equipment. Tax Effective: Leasing may provide certain tax benefits for a business. Consult your tax advisor for advice on the potential tax benefits of leasing. Financial Efficiency: The revenues generated from the use of new equipment can be used to pay the lease payments. Expenses are matched to the generated revenues- which is a sound business management principle. The advantages of leasing equipment can be extensive. Why Lease? Terms and Conditions of Sale