18 581 • Support Z-Wave, Wi-Fi & GSM, fully compatible with most Z-Wave devices in the market • Built-in SIM card slot, self monitoring with celluar • Backup battery for dual protection • Support remote control by App Smart Home Controller: Wireless Gateway JV# MFG# Description 417-820 HA-GW1 Smart Home Controller Wireless Gateway • Z-Wave plus • Up to 16 million colors, color calibration • Tunable white color from 2700K to 6500K • Support Group Control & Remote Control • Timer function, control bulb on/off by schedule • RF distance up to 40m • Wireless signal repeater Z-Wave Multi-color Smart Bulb JV# MFG# Description 417-825 HA-ZW-5AQG Wireless Multi-color Smart Bulb • Z-Wave Plus Certified • Up to 150’ range • Three-Year Battery Life • Low Battery Indication • 80 dB Audible Alarm • Visual indicator with built-in LED ring • Work as secondary Chime • Customizable notifications and volume levels Z-Wave Siren/Door Chime JV# MFG# Description 417-823 HA-SIREN Z-Wave Siren/Door Chime • Z-Wave plus, AC output on/off by manual or remote control by APP • Power on/off any device connecting to smart plug manually or by APP • Power consumption measurement • Turn on and off device by schedule • Z-Wave Wireless signal repeater Z-Wave Smart Home Smart Plug JV# MFG# Description 417-830 HA-ZW-5PAB Smart Home Smart Plug