48 High Security Keys ASSA is considered for a wide variety of security applications. The patented key design provides a level of key control second to none in the industry, eliminating the possibility for unauthorized key duplication and compromise of end users security solutions. PRIMUS SYSTEMS Primus uses exclusive key blanks and tight key duplication controls. For geographic exclusivity of your key blanks, step up to Schlage’s Primus high security system. No matter what security you need, Schlage offers a system to help you gain control and keep control. CX5 high security technology starts with the unique waved security groove side milling on the key. This innovative concept activates internal side pins which control an auxiliary locking bar. The security groove allows for hundreds of possible independent keyways for each key profile. Original Key Blanks JV# 288-560 JV# MFG# Description 288-560 AK5BOX 5 Pin Original Key Blanks (Pack of 50) 288-575 AK6BOX 6 Pin Original Key y Blanks (Pack of 50)