334 • The RTS88 Overhead concelaed door closer may be easily installed in wood, aluminum or hollow metal doors and frames, for single and double-acting doors •Compact closer body is designed to fit into headers as small as 1-3/4” x 4” •Closer body is non-handed •Accommodates maximum door weight of 250 lb (interior) or 200 lb (exterior) •A pressure relief valve protects closer from damage caused by forced closing 8831 is only available in painted finish. RTS88 Series - Closers RTS88 Series - Arms JV# MFG# Description 455-578 RTS88-3-NON-H/O Non Hold-open 455-590 RTS88-3-105-HO Hold open 105° 455-593 RTS88-3-90-H-EXT Hold open 90° with 5mm Extended Spindle 455-595 RTS88-3-105-NHO-EXT Non Hold-open with 5mm Extended Spindle 455-600 RTS88-4-NON H/O Non Hold-open JV# MFG# Description 456-655 8831 Side Load Arm 1/2” Top Rail 456-659 8836 End Load Arm 7/8” Top Rail JV# 455-578 11. Door Closers, Operators and Pivots •Complete with cement case. •Delay feature allows for additional time for passage through an opening •Hold open or delayed action are engaged by simple valve adjustment •Will control interior or exterior doors weighing up to 660 lbs or measuring up to 4’6” wide interior & 4’0” exterior •Closer body is non-handed; closer & accessories are handed • Spindle for 3/4” bottom door clearance is furnished standard •ANSI-A1156.4 Grade 1 BTS80 Series - Concealed Floor Closer JV# MFG# Description Dimension 455-710 BTS-80-ANS14-SIZE2 Floor Closer - 391-910 74007-5/8 Spindle for BTS80 5/8” x 7/16” 391-915 74010-3/4 Spindle for BTS80 3/4” x 1/2” 391-919 74012-13/16 Spindle for BTS80 13/16” x 8/8” JV# 391-910 For aluminum, wood, & steel door and frame applications. Center hung, single/double or 3/4” offset, single acting JV# 455-710 JV# 456-655 JV# 456-659