124 Made of half-hard steel, bright nickel plated. Brass threaded fastener screws either to the left or the right. For carrying around the neck, the 11” ring slips over the head easily. Will hold about 260 keys. HPC’S Give-Away Rings are manufactured from hardened spring steel wire and bright zinc plated to resist tarnishing. These rings are so inexpensive that they can be given away with duplicate keys. For use on heavy, or much handled merchandise, where strength and non-mutilating qualities are required. These Metal Rim Tags are manufactured from heavy stock with a smooth writing surface. Each tag has an attached string, looped and knotted. Plain, un-numbered White Key Tags. Additional tags as needed for the HPC Key Cabinets. Large Key Rings Give-Away Rings Metal RimTags Plain Key Tags JV# 345-560 JV# 345-571 JV# 345-572 JV# 345-562 JV# 345-570 JV# MFG# Description 345-570 ERD-0 1” Metal Rim Tag. 100/Box 345-571 ERD-1 1-3/16” Metal Rim Tag . 100/Box 345-572 ERD-2 1-1/2” Metal Rim Tag . 100/Box JV# MFG# Description 345-525 PLT-1 Plain Tags - 100/Box JV# MFG# Description 345-540 EYS-6 Fiber Tags - 100/Box JV# MFG# Description 345-560 GAK-4 3/4” Key Ring - 1000/box 345-562 GAK-6 1” Key Ring - 1000/box JV# MFG# Description 345-125 LKR-6 Large Key Ring 6” 345-126 LKR-8 Large Key Ring 8” 345-127 LKR-11 Large Key Ring 11” Inner - JV# 345-125 Middle - JV# 345-126 Outer - JV# 345-127 Tags for key identification 1-1/4” diameter with snap. Fiber Tags with Snaps 5. Key Accessories